Safety, Health and Welfare

Bringing your child to school

It is our concer that the children should arrive at school and return home again safely.  For this reason, please ensure that younger children are brought to and collected from school by someone older.

If your child requires medication during the school day please contact the office / class teacher, you will be required to complete a form.

Please leave an emergency telephone number and name and address of a relative or neighbour who we can contact easily during the school day.  This is important for the safety of your child and must be updated if your circumstances change

If you bring your child / children to school, please wait with your children at the school gates in the morning until the teacher on duty is on the playground at 8.40am.  Children may then enter the playground until asked to go into school by the teacher at 8.45am. Parents of Reception children may take children into the classroom for the first half term.

At 3.15 p.m., the end of the school day, you are asked to meet your children at the school gate or in the case of children in Reception, to collect them from the classroom for the first half term.


Nuts and Allergies

DO NOT to send children to school with sweets, or nuts. Allergy guidance for schools - GOV.UK (



Unfortunately we do not have facilities at school for caring for children who are ill, so please see that your child is in good health before bringing them to school in the morning.  If they have been sick during the night or just before school, please keep them at home.


IMPORTANT:  Authorised and Unauthorised Absences from School.  If your child is absent from school for any reason such as illness, a doctor's appointment, a holiday, or for any other unforeseen circumstance, then the school must be notified by 8.55am on the day of the absence.

If we are not told, then we have no alternative but to record the absence as unauthorised.  By law we have to record these for each pupil and publish the figures with your child's report.  If your child is more than half an hour late for a morning or afternoon session, this is considered an unauthorised absence in the eyes of the law.

Increase in Cases of Scarlet Fever



Helping your child sleep  

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