The Tedder C P School is a co-educational Community Primary School catering for children from 4+ to 11+ years.


The original school on this site was opened in April 1926 and was called the Digby Aerodrome Council School. The school was renamed the Tedder County Primary School in 1967 after Lord Tedder (Scottish Marshal of the RAF) and is located inside the main gates of Digby Camp.

The school was refurbished in 2000 and a new hall built, providing a super new resource, which is used for many activities. In addition there are five classrooms, a library area, Headteacher’s office, Secretary’s office, staffroom, storage rooms, toilets and cloakrooms. Outside there is a playground, adventure playground, Reception play area, gardens, a wildlife area and playing fields.

Class organisation changes from year to year because of the fluctuation in numbers due to posting of Service Personnel. At the moment we have five classes, with mixed and single year groups.

The Governors have approved the following class structure for the next academic year. We are committed to keeping class sizes no larger than 30 in Key Stage 1 and 35 in Key Stage 2.

Anticipated Class Size

Reception      Mrs Sturton/Mrs Hunter               Class 1          25

                     (sometimes will include some Yr 1s)

Rec/Y1          Miss Jones                                     Class 2          25

Y2/Y3           Mrs Rayney                                    Class 3          20

Y3/Y4           Miss Appleyard                              Class 4          25

Y5/Y6           Mr Wiley                                        Class 5          20


Unlike other schools, we experience a high level of movement, due to service personnel postings. The Governors would like to make it clear that if, because of fluctuating roll, class sizes go above their limit, then there will have to be an adjustment between classes. If this should become necessary, parents of children involved will, of course, be informed.

School Day

Times of sessions during the working day

09.00 - 10.10 1st session

10.10 - 10.25 Mid-morning break

10.25 – 12.30 2nd session (11.25 - 11.40 Assembly)

12.15 – 1.15 Lunch break

1.30 – 3.15 3rd session

3.15 Finish