General Information for Parents 


Full details of the curriculum offered can be found through topic sheets, published alongside class information.  In addition, the individual subject curriculum is detailed under Learning and Curriculum.


Safety and wellbeing are a priority for our children.

First thing in the morning children should arrive at school no earlier than 8.40am.  A member of staff will be on duty and children will be able to come into the playground straight away.  This should reduce the chance of any accidents/problems whilst children are waiting unsupervised.

Unless children have just started in Reception, please could parents wait outside the school gates when leaving and collecting children.   We have bike racks for children to use.  Children should WALK through the playground with their bike/scooter to the bike racks as soon as a teacher is on the playground. 

We have asked children not to use the climbing frames in the playground unless a member of staff is on duty, ie not on the way in or out of school.  For health & safety reasons this play equipment should only be used by children attending Tedder School and only when a member of staff is supervising.

After school hours, the school grounds are out of bounds to both adults and children.  This is a statutory requirement and safeguards your child.



We appreciate that if children are ill or have medical appointments, absences from school are unavoidable and parents are expected to inform school in the following ways. If your child is ill, please telephone the office - 01526 320088 by 8.55am on the morning of the absence so that we can account for the child’s whereabouts and know that they are safe. If we have not received a reason why your child is not in school, a member of staff will ring to check.  This is a statutory requirement and safeguards your child. 

If your child has a medical appointment, please inform class teacher by email or by note or letter and this will be recorded on the register. It is expected that the children will be in school prior to an appointment or return after, where at all possible.

All other absences will be recorded as unauthorised, unless there is an exceptional circumstance.  If you intend to take your child out of school, please contact Mrs Crawshaw by email preferably or by letter giving the reasons behind the absence and we will be able to inform you as to whether the absence will be authorised.


We have an open door policy and actively encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and school life.  However, teachers are very busy first thing in the morning getting classrooms ready for the day ahead.  Unless it is an urgent matter, we would be grateful if you would go to the office first and make an appointment to see the appropriate member of staff at a mutually convenient time or email  The office hours are 8.30am - 3.30pm


We have a House System in place to help prepare the older children for Secondary School and keeps the links with the Forces going. 

The three Houses are:-

        • Spitfire
        • Hurricane
        • Lancaster

There will be a Captain and Vice-Captain for each House.  Children can gain points for their House in lots of ways throughout the year.  These points will be collected together, along with points gained on Sports Day and the House with the most points will win the cup.  


When school is informed, we will text / email parents / carers to notify we have a case in school and advise on how to treat the problem.

I understanding how frustrating and upsetting it is when you do check your children regularly and are continually finding head lice, but as a school, we can do no more than urge parents to do a regular check i.e., daily / weekly, to try and curb this problem and send out information leaflets explaining how to deal with the matter.

If your child has long hair it may reduce the risk of catching the lice if they tie their hair back.    Advice on treatment is available Head lice and nits - NHS (


We do request parents not to send children into school wearing jewellery for health and safety reasons.  If earrings are worn at all, they should be studs not hoops.

The LEA Health & Safety Guidelines state that no jewellery should be worn in school at all and certainly not during PE, Games or Swimming.  As a school, we would prefer it if stud earrings are removed for these activities, or special safety backs are worn.  Please speak to the class teacher if children are wearing hooped sleepers.  PE – Children should have shorts for indoor PE and tracksuits if they wish, for outdoor games.  Please ensure that your children's clothing is clearly labelled with their name in them.


For those parents bringing children to school in cars there are a number of parking options:-

  • The Visitors parking spaces in front of the Guardroom and then walk through the gate
  • Drop children off at the top of the short road leading to the school gates (please don’t park in front of the school gates or in the small road leading to the gates) 
  • In the Car Park outside the camp next to the football field and walk through the gate. 

It would be appreciated if parents didn’t park in Car Park H as it causes a problem when staff are trying to park first thing in the morning, which means that they get into school late for the start of the day


All our children MUST have a suitable drinking bottle that can be refilled during the day with water.  It is very important that children should be hydrated throughout the day.  Please ensure that these are taken home and washed daily.