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While rates of mental ill health do increase as children get older, early intervention is key to giving young people the best start in life.

We have a vital role to play in supporting children’s mental health – teaching them the skills they need to recognise and deal with their emotions, and helping those with difficulties get the support they need.

Primary : Mentally Healthy Schools will help you learn more about mental health.

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Hello Digby Tedder C Primary School


Emetophobia is the fear of being sick. Sometimes people develop this phobia because they were once ill in the past and their brain keeps thinking about that old memory. Sometimes people develop emetophobia because they witness someone else being vomiting and this is a scary and unexpected thing to see.


Throwing up is part of life - luckily, for most people it happens very rarely and this is why this phobia can often go undetected.


A person might report being worried about eating out or going to places they don’t know, not realising it is because deep down, they are worried they may be sick there.


Sometimes people might worry about other aspects of being ill, such as a stomach ache.


Emetophobia is something that you can overcome but there is a good degree of work you need to do to get rid of the problem. This video will give you some skills to get started.


Click here to watch in YouTube.

This video is child & young person suitable. Please pass it onto them :-)


Best wishes

Gemma Bailey
Director of NLP4Kids