Preparing for school  

Over the summer there are a few things you might like to do to help your child settle into school, such as:

  • Encourage them to put on/ take off their own coats and do the fastenings.  (Velcro fastenings would be good.) 

  • Dress and undress independently, this includes putting on or taking off shoes

  • Share toys and games

  • Respecting and taking care of books and toys 

  • Going to the toilet independently and washing their hands. (boys urinals)

  • Playing simple board games, to get them used to counting. 
  • Encourage them to tidy away toys after they have finished.

  • Teach your child names of basic colours 

  • Counting every day objects.  (Magnetic numbers on fridge)

  • Singing nursery rhymes and simple counting songs 

  • Sharing a book or story with them 

  • Helping them with pencil/scissor control. Colouring in or how to hold a pair of scissors

  • You could also help them to start to write or recognising their name 

  • Also help your child to pack/unpack their own lunch box as this will be expected at school