English and Language

In English and Language, our aim is to enable each pupil to reach their full potential of communication, through both written and spoken means, in an interesting and enjoyable way. Children will be taught the skills in English, in line with the National Curriculum for English.

Reading is taught through the objectives of the National Literacy Strategy. In Reception, 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters & Sounds' are the schemes used to begin to teach letter names and sounds. At KS1 the main reading scheme used is the Oxford Reading Tree. At KS2 a wide variety of literature, which has been grouped according to reading age, is used. The children are encouraged to progress through the schemes at a pace appropriate to each individual. At all stages the children will be given opportunities to read non-fiction books.

Writing is taught through the objectives of the English National Curriculum. Handwriting skills are taught in each year, based on Nelson Handwriting. The children are taught specific skills of writing and are then encouraged to use these skills to produce writing which is exciting, interesting, efficient and appropriate to the task and audience.

Speaking and listening skills are taught in line with the objectives of the Curriculum for English. We also have an advisory team who we can refer children to, if their speech is delayed or if they have communication difficulties.


Curriculum Overviews by year below. 

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