Learning and Curriculum


A vocabulary rich curriculum which opens up the world for children as they develop progressive and secure knowledge and skills within a breadth of subjects.  We want to give the children the best possible chances to lead a rich, fulfilling and happy life.


The Curriculum encompasses all the experiences and activities of school life, and is designed to promote the intellectual, personal and social development of the children in our care.

Our aim is to give the children a wide and varied education. We achieve this through implementation of the National Curriculum and inter-related cross-curricular themes e.g. information technology, multi-cultural, moral and sex education.

In accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum our curriculum consists of:

1. The Core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science

2. The Foundation subjects of History, Geography, Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education and lCT.

3. Religious Education and Collective Worship.

A detailed "Curriculum Framework" and Schemes of Work have been developed to ensure a planned and progressive coverage of the National Curriculum.