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Digby the Tedder Primary School

Equality and Diversity

The school will comply with European and Domestic Equality Legislation relating to age, sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins and disability.

The school is committed to and operates a policy of equal opportunity for all pupils and potential pupils. It will actively tackle discrimination and promoting equal opportunities and good community relations.  All applicants to the school as pupils will be treated fairly.  The school will encourage and support all pupils in reaching their potential and will work with parents and guardians, and the wider community, to tackle discrimination.

The school will ensure equality of opportunity for individuals with any form of disability and provide for reasonable access to the school and all of its educational facilities and opportunities that allow disabled children full access to all areas of learning.  All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that children with disabilities are not placed at a disadvantage compared to non-disabled children.

Equality Policy

Tedder County Primary Equality Statement.