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Digby the Tedder Primary School

British Values


At Tedder School we promote British Values through the following provision



  • We elect a School Council
  • We give termly pupil questionnaires to give pupils a voice.
  • We elect House Captains
  • We vote for daily activities within the classroom
  • We celebrate democracy i.e. visiting Lincoln Cathedral to receive the Magna Carta
  • We celebrate the armed forces who act within the law to uphold democracy.

Rule of Law

  • We have clear School Rules
  • We have Classroom Charters
  • We operate a policy of choice with consequence, which teaches responsibility.
  • We discuss the concept that English law is sometimes above religious law.
  • We encourage the children to recognise other signs and laws in their communities.

Individual Liberty

  • We celebrate individual responsible choices in classrooms.
  • We encourage children to choose how they would like to present their learning.
  • We give children choices about lunch menus, after school clubs and golden time activities.
  • We give children choices about wet play activities ensuring that there is opportunity for all to enjoy their time.
  • We celebrate children’s achievement in all areas through assemblies.
  • We celebrate with Good as Gold assemblies with a different Smart Focus to value achievement by all.

Mutual Respect

  • We promote the ethos of mutual respect through our core values
  • We encourage good manners and children are to treat others as they would wish to be treated.
  • We support charity events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and Camo Day to show our support for the community as a whole.
  • We encourage visitors to our school who can broaden the experiences for the children in all areas.
  • We have Playground Buddies who ensure that we operate a policy of tolerance for all.

Respect for Other Faiths

  • We have a balanced approach to RE following the locally agreed syllabus.
  • Children learn about all faiths within that syllabus.
  • We have assemblies which are broadly Christian and also discuss real life issues which the children will experience.
  • We celebrate other religions with themed days and have visitors into school to provide further experiences.