The Governors' policy on admissions is for children to start school in the September before their 5th birthday.  Parents should contact the school in the Autumn Term before the admission date to help us make the necessary arrangements for their smooth transfer to school.

Information packs about how to apply on line can be collected from Tedder School or Maple Leaf Day Care. The deadline is in January each year; the exact date can be found on the Lincolnshire County Council website. However, because of our position on the military base, we do accept intake throughout the year to help families who are constantly on the move.

The school has developed a programme of liaison with the Maple Leaf Pre-School. Visits are made to the playgroup by the Early Years Coordinator and/or the Early Years Teacher to meet children and staff in the Spring Term.

Pre-school visits are available for all children in the Summer Term. We like our pre-school children to spend one morning and one afternoon session with us working alongside the current Reception class. Parents are also invited to an 'Open Morning/Evening' to visit the school in the Spring Term. Following this visit is a meeting with parents and the Early Years Teacher. At this meeting the schools Early Years Policy and the way in which the school day is structured is explained and discussed.


For Lincolnshire County Council Admission Policy or the school policy please click on the link below:

Tedder School - Admission Policy 


If you require further information from LCC you can click on the link below.