Tedder C P School

Class 2 Autumn Work

What an exciting first term we have had in Class 2. Our Reception children have settled into school life so well and the Year 1’s have been amazing role models. Here are some pictures from our great first week.

Our topic for the Autumn Term is called ‘Ourselves, where we are learning all about each other.

In Art, we have been learning about Pop Art as well as exploring watercolours. Take a look at our wonderful work.

In Science, we have been discussing the changes that occur during autumn. We then used paint to create our own autumn trees.



In Maths, we have really enjoyed exploring measurement. The pictures below are when we compared capacity and height.

This term, we have also been discussing British Values and celebrated with a ‘British Values Day’. We had such a great day.

We still have so much more to learn. Stay tuned to find out what else we get up too. Miss Jones