Class 1 Autumn Work

Wow! What an exciting first term we have had in Class 1. The children have settled into school life so well,  we are very proud of them all. Below are some pictures of our first term together.

Our topic for this term is 'Ourselves'.  We have been talking about ourselves, labelling our bodies and making portraits.  Here are a few pictures of our collages we made using different materials. It was tricky cutting the fabric but we persevered.

We have enjoyed talking about our bodies and how we keep them healthy.  We have sorted food into healthy and not so healthy foods and enjoyed taking part in P.E.

We have talked about our families and who is in our family.  We were very lucky to have a parent come into school to talk about her home country, Turkey.  The children had the opportunity to try Turkish delight and to count to ten in Turkish.

 Also this term we have been exploring our senses.  We had lots of fun smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing and looking at different things.  Some of the foods were a bit sour! 

In Maths this term we have been exploring number, length and addition.  Take a look!

Well done Class 1 on a great first term. I am excited to see all the wonderful work you will do next term. Stay tuned… Mrs Hunter and Mrs Sturton