School Rules


We have very few 'school rules'. Those we have are mainly concerning safety within the school. However, a child is expected to behave in a responsible manner in and around school. Reminders are frequently given in class and main assemblies. Our aim is discipline through self-discipline, that the child should see the results of anti-social behaviour and behave accordingly. We expect reasonable and polite behaviour from the children and encourage them to be caring, sensitive and co-operative. Through their own interactions with the children and each other, the staff aim to provide good models of behaviour from which the children can learn.

When things go wrong we try to be constructive, but occasionally it is necessary to correct inappropriate behaviour by a child missing playtime or being withdrawn from an activity, after school club or privilege. We encourage the children to solve their own problems through discussion and negotiation. With our support, we help them to develop the ability to take responsibility for their own actions.

Parents of children who consistently persist in unacceptable behaviour will be contacted by the school to discuss what further  sanctions are to be taken. Sanctions usually take the form of detention at playtime, withdrawal of certain privileges (e.g. attendance of out of school clubs) and activities. In some cases a behaviour diary will be established to record behaviour.

The rules are summarised thus:

1. Children should conduct themselves in a thoughtful and sensible manner, treating others as they would like to be treated.

2. Walk in the buildings.

3. Walk in the quiet areas on the playground.

4. Mobile phones are not allowed in school.

5. Chewing gum is not allowed in school.

Any serious problems will be discussed with the child's parents. A child is not excluded from school unless no other course of action is possible.