Tedder C P School


Special Education Needs

We aim to meet children's special educational needs as they arise. Each pupil's progress is continuously monitored and assessed, from the time they enter the Reception classes to the point at which they leave the school. In this way we aim to identify those children who may have special educational needs as early as possible, so that we can plan a programme of support.

The County provides a school support team, who are available to help us with children who may have special educational needs at any time.

Our team comprises:

An Educational Psychologist, who will assess pupils who, are undergoing the formal statementing process.

An Emotional and Behavioural Support Teacher, who works with children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

A Learning Support Teacher who supports children with learning difficulties and the teachers of those children.

We also have the help of an Educational Welfare Officer.

If you have any particular concerns about your child's progress, please contact your child's teacher after school, or at a parent-teacher interview.

Should you wish to discuss anything further with the Head Teacher, she will be pleased to see you by appointment.